Home Health Care/Hospice Provider - Medicare/Medicaid Provider Membership

**Membership Terms are January 1 - December 31**


For home care agencies and hospices that are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's Affairs, Workers Comp, Commercial Insurance, Long-Term-Care-Insurance, Private Pay and other payers.

A home care agency is a company that provides health-related services and products in the place of residence to persons who have health-related needs, thereby affording a continuum of comprehensive client care.

A hospice provider is an organization licensed to provide hospice care.

All inpatient units and satellite offices identified under the same legal corporate entity/ownership shall be considered a single provider and shall include all locations operating under that ownership within the state of Colorado.

    • To see the formulas and how dues are calculated, click here
    • Before purchasing a membership, you'll need to determine your organization's (all Colorado locations) gross client revenue from the most recent fiscal year. All agencies/hospices will fall within one of the following four levels or tiers for dues payment (in each tier a cap or maximum dues has been established). Use the calculators at the bottom of this page to help determine your organization's dues.


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