About Us

The Home Care Association of Colorado was founded in 1970. With a tradition of service to members for more than 40 years, it has established itself as a respected association representing the interests of the home care industry.


The association's staff works hard to ensure the needs of its members are met with excellence. Click here to contact the staff by phone, email or web contact form.


"Advancing the health and wellness of Coloradans through the promotion of home care excellence, advocacy and education.


"Leaders advocating for health care at home"

Strategic Plan

The purpose of the plan is to "elevate the value of home care." The HCAC volunteer member leaders believe most goals will involve the need to invest in and utilize technology to best serve members and manage information. The strategic plan includes the following four goals to support the central theme of elevating the value of home care:

Goal 1: Member Value and Service
Goal 2: Advocacy and Government Relations
Goal 3: Education and Resouces
Goal 4: Industry / Association Strength