HHAC’s advocacy team received direct communication from HCPF, indicating that SEIU has asked for data around which employers are providing the base wage, which ones are not doing the attestation and several other data sets.

Because much of the information requested can be found from the HCBS Base Wage Rate Increase Attestations that providers were asked to complete previously, HCPF generously gave us a heads up that they will be enforcing the attestation deadline. Only about 30% of agencies have filled out the attestation deadline for 2023 thus far. HCPF will be sending letters to those who have not completed the attestation, and potentially clawing back money from those who don’t come into compliance.

Though we don’t have an exact date yet of when this will happen, the lobbyists had the sense that completion with the attestation was urgent. In addition to helping to avoid any lost revenue, completing the attestation will help provide more accurate and complete data to both HCPF and SEIU, rather than leaving them to make assumptions on a limited number of respondents.

Please click on the following link to an older operational memo that explains what the attestation entails: https://hcpf.colorado.gov/sites/hcpf/files/HCPF%20OM%2022-022%20Home%20and%20Community-Based%20Services%20%28HCBS%29%20Base%20Wage%20Rate%20Increase%20Attestation%20Reminder.pdf

HHAC Board and Staff