Here's Why Some Infants Won't be Immunized Against RSV this Year | By Lisa Riley Roche

The first RSV immunization recommended for all infants under 8 months old is no longer expected to be available to everyone in that age group, thanks to limited supplies nationwide.

"Unfortunately, this shortage has put us in a difficult spot," said Whitney Buckel, an infectious diseases pharmacist that oversees antibiotic use for Intermountain Health, the region's largest health care system.

With the respiratory syncytial virus season expected to start in November, the plan had been to target every eligible patient "to prevent severe RSV disease in all infants that we see," Buckel said.

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an advisory Monday about the impact of what the manufacturer of Beyfortus, the brand name for nirsevimab, called "unprecedented demand" for the RSV monoclonal prophylaxis.

The CDC said higher doses of the treatment, intended for infants weighing more than 11 pounds, should instead be prioritized for those at the highest risk for severe RSV disease because they're under 6 months old or have underlying conditions…

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