A Threat to Hospice: Call on Congress to Correct the Hospice Special Focus Program

NHPCO’s Hospice Action Network (HAN)

CMS has released its final rule to create and implement a hospice Special Focus Program (SFP) beginning in 2024. This proposal is rushed, inaccurate, and will damage hospice care across the nation. Congress must act now to require CMS to correct the hospice SFP.

The hospice SFP was supposed to identify poor-performing hospices and target them with assistance to help them improve. CMS' current SFP would use flawed methods, and would provide no such assistance. If used, the SFP will fail to identify the poorest-performing hospices, and may wrongly target good actors.

The hospice community must raise the alarm now before CMS punishes hospices, and patients who need them, for its own lack of accurate and adequate data. Take action today! Click Act Now!

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