Stateline Operations Manual (SOM) Appendix B


CMS has issued the online (final) version of the State Operations Manual (SOM) Appendix B – Home Health Agencies (Interpretive Guidelines). A few revisions had been made from the Advanced copy of the Appendix B that was issued on March 15, 2024.  

  • Revised criteria for citations related to the Error Summary Report for late OASIS submissions.
    • If an HHA shows a pattern of multiple assessments with error -3330 on this report, surveyors should investigate compliance with G372, Encoding and transmitting OASIS data (§484.45(a)).
  • Corrected the statement in §484.45(a) to read: The OASIS reporting regulations are not applicable to patients receiving personal care only services, regardless of payor source.
  • Removed reference to the OASIS guidance for §484.55(a)(1) and (d)(3)

NAHC will continue to review the revised Appendix B for any other changes and will update the NAHC 2024 Revised IG Chart.