ADVOCACY ALERT: Agencies Need Higher Reimbursement To Cover Aurora's Proposed Minimum Wage Increase

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Aurora City Councilmember Alison Coombs has returned to the Aurora City Council with a revised proposed minimum wage proposal increasing the city's minimum wage to $17 per hour by 2025. The proposal would establish wages that significantly exceed even those minimum wages set by nearby Denver, which are currently the highest in Colorado.

Because of low Medicaid reimbursement, home care agencies already struggle to keep up with increased employment costs. The Home Care & Hospice Association of Colorado is concerned that agencies will not take new Medicaid clients in Aurora, or worse, will discharge Medicaid clients in Aurora because they can’t comply with the increased wage requirements.

We urge the state to raise reimbursement rates to cover higher minimum wages in Colorado cities, and we'd ask that Aurora hold off on this proposed increase until reimbursement is increased. 

URGENT: The Aurora City Council is considering this proposal at its evening meeting on Monday, Nov. 2.

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