Colorado Medicaid Home Health & Private Duty Nursing Increase Approved! 

In a last minute motion, prior to finalizing the budget package, the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) approved a targeted increase of $7 million to be split evenly between skilled home health and private duty nursing rates. This increase is in addition to the 2.5% "across the board" provider rate increase that was approved. The introduced FY2021-22 Long Bill will contain the following increases:

Home Health: +7.3% (brings Medicaid from 73% to 80% of LUPA rates)

PDN - LPN: +10.5%

PDN - RN: +5.6%

See the attached rate schedule which reflects the rate increases. 

Of note, these were the only targeted rate increases approved by the JBC. This win for Colorado Home Health and Private Duty Nursing agencies is a great example of your HHAC membership at work. Your voices and support DO make a difference! Thank you to HHAC's Lobbyist and Government Relations group, and to our Legislators for their support of the homecare industry and those we care for. 

Please visit the 2021 JBC website page to send a thank you email to each of the six Committee Members. 

As an added bonus, the legislature included funding for a free year of car washes and Starbucks for all homecare workers ... April Fools! Sorry, we couldn't resist. The information about the rate increases is no joke, however. Great work!