7.4M Direct Care Jobs Will Need to Be Filled by 2029, with Most in Home Care

Home Health Care News
By Andrew Donlan | April 12, 2021
The U.S. population is rapidly aging — a topic frequently visited by home-based care providers.
But as they do age, direct care workers are going to need to care for them. And that won’t just require 1.3 million more individuals to enter the direct care workforce by the decade’s end; it will also require another 6.2 million additional workers to fill the empty slots made up by those who left, according to a new report from PHI.
About 4.5 million of those will specifically be home care jobs.
“This year’s employment projections are not that different than previous years, but that doesn’t make them any less shocking,” Stephen Campbell, a data analyst at PHI and the lead author of the report, told Home Health Care News in an email. “There will be more new jobs in home care than in any other occupation, but this workforce is among the least visible and most undervalued.”

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